What do you charge?

Our minimum for weekly mowing is $40 per mow. Pricing depends upon the size of your yard and estimated time required. An estimate will be provided over the phone where possible or by visiting your property.

Do you offer one-time mows?

No, we are only taking on weekly recurring mowing at this time.

What if my yard doesn't need to be mowed every week?

We plan for weekly mowing but can always skip a week when it hasn't grown due to drought or extreme heat.

What's included with weekly mowing?

Your lawn will be mowed using zero turn mowers, trimmed, all hard surfaces edged and all clippings blown from road/driveway/etc. Weed killer will be applied to flower beds, driveways and curbs every 2-3 weeks as-needed.

How do I pay you?

We keep a card or bank account on file and our system automatically charges you after each mow then sends a receipt. This information can be updated using our customer portal.

When do you mow?

We'll mow on the same day each week, weather permitting. A schedule is sent out each month on the 28th to confirm what's to be done that month and the cost.

What if it rains?

We keep working through our schedule in order. In most cases we are there late that afternoon or the next day. 99% of the time we are able to mow within 2 days of your scheduled day. If we have a substantial amount of rain and can't mow within 2 days you'll be notified.

Is my payment information safe?

Yes, everything is stored offsite with Stripe our payment processing company. Once your information is entered into our system only the last four digits can ever be retrieved again.

Are you insured?

Absolutely. Workers comp insurance, general liability and commercial auto for all work vehicles. If we damage something it will be repaired or replaced and you are covered should someone be injured on your property.

Will the same crew mow each time?

Typically, yes but in the event of rain our routes tend to vary some as we are catching up. We keep notes on mowing height, property lines, etc so you'll receive the same quality job no matter who is mowing.

Can you mow on a specific day?

It depends. We have very specific routes and are only in certain areas each day of the week. We're only in Greenbrier on Thursday and Goodlettsville on Tuesday. Monday, Wednesday and Friday we are in different parts of White House.