Mowing We maintain commercial and residential properties. All clippings will be blown from paved surfaces and landscaping. Directional stripes will be cut whenever possible.

Trimming Any area that cannot be reached with a mower will be cut using a string trimmer. Straight edges such as concrete drive-ways and sidewalks will be edged.

Mulching We offer new mulch installations as well as touch-ups of existing areas. Mulch will evenly cover the area and help deter weed growth near flowers or other plants.

Pruning Trimming and shaping of shrubs, bushes and low tree branches is available. Plants will be properly trimmed given their species and time of year.

Planting New plants will add color and variety to any new or existing areas. Plants will be properly placed for best growth and visibility.

Overseeding This will promote a healthier lawn with fewer weeds. Thicker turf will deter weed growth and have more resistance to disease.